Streakers: She’s My Nerd, WishYouLuck and the Emerging Destiny Scene

This is the first in a new series covering the players events and news of the competitive gaming world. 

To start things off I wanted to show some love to the Crucible Killers out there. With the newest iteration of Crucible called Trials of Osiris, the Destiny PVP meta has gotten lots of love. So many three man teams are starting off, practicing every day on twitch on Skirmish. Even hosting their own tournaments. 

She’s My Nerd, Control Slaughter

The newest most talked about Guardian is Shesmynerd. He is the leadership for his competitive clan Devour and that is just what they do to all who stand before them. 

Shesmynerd plays with an aggressive focused style. His sun slinger flys through the map as he pumps Felwinter Lie blasts into the heads of try hards. 

But a whole other guardian emerges and he doesn’t have the admiration like SMN. His screen name is Wish You Luck and he has tons of viewers on his hilarious twitch streams. His personality is more friendly than Nerd but the skill is there. He rocks a long range style putting people down with merciless sniper streaks as he blinks all across the map. 

These two players are ones to watch as the Crucible meta evolves into Destiny 2. They are well on their way to getting a real MLG appreciation for Destiny PVP


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