Creator Of Android OS To Get Into VR Industry

The original founder of Dagner and Android Inc, Andy Rubin, has begun a new pet project, a $15 million pet project at that. With the attention being brewed up around virtual reality gaming, Rubin is jumping into the cutting edge media industry.

A new start up in VR CastAR, has a big player on their side in Rubin, which is something they need with the giants of Google and Facebook as their chief competition. With his decades of experience in the tech world, Rubin can bring his myriad connections and technical know how to the team.

The CastAR group, hailing originally from the Seattle area, started their capital with a successful $1 million kickstarter campaign and moved on to silicon valley for further funding. Their technology revolves around overlaying virtual images on top of the real world to various degrees of intensity. This gives them an edge in my opinion, as they can work within the complete immersive gaming market, or they can delve into the niche table top gaming market, allowing strategy games like Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons to take on futuristic visuals.


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