Omega Ruby: The Childhood is TOO Real.

Well guys I’m back. After 8 months. 8 months of job searches, car crashes, broken hands and of course gaming tell my retinas suffer severe damage. (Where are my cyclops shades?).

But this is the internet, we don’t waste time around here. You’re probably thinking, Nick, fuck off and review games and news. Ok then.

So I’ve been on a Pokemon kick the last few months after I grabbed myself a 3ds and Pokemon Y. Fairies are lame brah. I have barely been able to discuss anything else with my loved ones and they’re tired of it, so here internet, you can listen to me now.

Before I talk about how Omega Ruby has become my new handheld crown jewel, let me take you back in time a spell. Some of the best times of my childhood were loading up the family car and going to visit my grandparents at their retirement condo in Florida, or as granny says, Flaaaaaarida. Yeah yeah, the weather was great and the nature was gorgeous…. when I lifted my naive eyeballs up for a few seconds between battle turns. A lot of my memories of that place are squeezed into a gameboy advance SP screen playing Pokemon Ruby and Emerald.


The dimensions were micro, the adventures infinite. A friendly but daring world literally at my finger tips. Now, as I live in the adult world taking care of business, the stresses of life have pulled me back to an old friend. That’s right ladies and gentleman, Omega Ruby is what real next gen remastering should be about.

It does so much more than reprint the world in HD on a larger screen size, this game really goes full blown kids cartoon. Utilizing the new Pokemon gen engine and game mechanics but hanging on to the story and characters that I believe made third gen a far better story than Pokemon X and Y.

Seeing a world of my youth fully realized in a ground breaking new way nearly brought a tear to your dude’s eye. No joke. Everybody deserves a nostalgia like this, it’s a shame that most “next gen” reboots do the bare minimum audio visual upgrades. Sorry San Andreas fans, my self included.



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