What Makes a Great Game Intro?

My pupils dilate. My palms sweat, my fingers twitch. I’m literally gripped.

You all know how that feels. That game feel. That deep sense of immersion and character intimacy that only the novel rivals. I think of this as I step back into the gore drenched sandals of Kratos, Ghost of Sparta.

God of War Ascension is a polarizing title in the God of War series. Lots of fans hated it for its lack of innovation and total absence of quick time sex games. (You mean I have to use both my hands for this whole game?) And I have to agree, it’s not my favorite in the series either, that goes to God of War II, David Jaffe’s pinnacle masterpiece.  Yet as an intro to a game, it’s exhilarating, and has never left my mind.

It was the catharsis of removing Kratos’ blades of chaos from their imprisoned walls. It was the seduction of voluptuous greek women. It was the primal screams of terror and victory clashing into each other like so much steel and bone.

In essence I think a great game intro just makes you want to BE that character. You forget the difference. I am them. They are me. Simple. Genius usually is simple though. 

What are some of your favorite game intros?



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