Rise of Iron Leaks and the Insider’s Dilemma

Today’s the day guardians. A new adventure awaits fans of the Destiny universe and it’s being announced today (last month). 

Yes that is right the Rise of Iron stream should be starting around 12pm my time but a good deal of information is already leaking all over Twitter. This isn’t even the initial leak however. 

Seen above is the first ever leaked poster for the new expansion. Immediately talk buzzed, first more on the authenticity than the speculated content. 

Weeks later Bungie owned up to the title, not without a few stress hemmaroids on Deej as the public relations manager for Bungie. “Can we talk about the next raid?!”

Now however Twitter is blowing up with images of some of the content being tested before stream, right now!

Guardians, wolves and battle axes oh my! I can’t lie. I’m super pumped for the battle axes.

But this raises the question, who are these leakers? How are things getting leaked? How do they feel about it?

One wonders if the leakers are working for the fans or Bungie. They clearly have insider access, and a willingness to build hype. Perhaps it is a hybrid of the two in this modern age of viral marketing. 

The fans are getting what we all want whether we admit it or not. We want to see the next thing as soon as possible. Bungie knows this and may very well be paying these insiders a little extra to leak this information and then play the whole political non confirmation non denial double speak. 

What are your thoughts? Or are you just rock hard for the stream? See you there guardians. 


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