Miyamoto Talks New Mario Next E3

I have a feeling your taking a shit while reading this. So I’ll be quick. Breath of the Wild, the new Zelda IP is undoubtedly blowing the internet’s mind right now. It quite possibly could have been the real winner of E3. 

Now Nintendo is already prepping to kill it again at E3 2017 or 2018. Miyamoto interviewed with IGN and stated he’d like to see a fresh new Mario in a year or two and commented how new fans approaching Nintendo for the first time have given them a chance to see Mario with fresh eyes. 

This also reminds me of something Kojima said in a recent interview on his new project. Speaking to Digital Spy, he said “In this game the player will be controlling Norman but by playing it they will find something different, something that won’t fit in established terms.”

What are your thoughts? Are the Japanese gonna be at the forefront of new mechanics in the next years, as they usually are?




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