God of War 4 Will Be Ditching Ascension Multiplayer 

Cory Barlog, creator of the new era of God of War, recently confirmed that there will not be any multiplayer in God of War 4. 

Thank. The. Gods. Especially Aires. This shows a good sign in my opinion of a return to focused game design. Something this industry desperately needs. 

Sure there are some rare successes, like the explosive success of both GTA V’s infamous single player storyline and its online community. 

However Ascension’s attempts at multiplayer were a severe failure and everyone knew it. It was gone in the blink of an eye while the single player was impeccable , both  visually and mechanically. 

So why the ever present obsession with tacked on multiplayer, or in Call of Duty’s case an ad hoc single player? It seems to have been a simple marketing idea, most gamers might want the illusion of added value tickled, but if it’s thrown together with no vision is it really that valuable? Shouldn’t the real value be in a focused and complete user experience that doesn’t throw them between the worlds of PVE and PVP with all the synergy of a hydrogen bomb?

In addition to the dropping of multiplayer I really like the new design of controllable camera and what appears to be a semi open world. 

What do you all think of the new Kratos?




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