League Of Legends Creators to Release New Anime

League of Legends investment parent Tencent Holdings, the Chinese mega corporation, is embarking on a new media project about the very eSports realm they are so aggressively nurturing. 

It’s no surprise to anyone that eSports is exploding. The fact that big MLG no scopes get as many shares and views as UFC knock out compilations in my Facebook feed speaks for itself. 

Where there are millions of dollars being made, there are millions of eyeballs to engage and vice versa. As an investment house looking for constant exponential growth, Tencent aims to get these eyeballs in their direction in all mediums possible. 

Enter The King’s Avatar, a new anime releasing next year based on a widely popular web novel of the same name. In the popular Chinese web series, the legendary player Ye Xiu gets kicked from his team and finds work at a small cyber cafe. Through a series of events he is brought back into the “game” to reclaim past glory and forge new legends. 

What interests this little media mogul more than the story is the tactical meta marketing play by Tencent on this one. Users and customers now are too aware of traditional “buy this now” marketing from decades ago. Now customers prefer a full marketing environment, a calculated eco system of myriad media inputs. 

The creation of this show will be the next piece to the puzzle of eSports take over. I wouldn’t be surprised if the great Cuban (Mark) himself is taking notes as you read. 



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