No Mario’s Sky Yanked by Nintendo, now DMCA Sky. 

No man’s mod is what it really seems to be about. Fans of both Mario and No Man’s Sky, the daring new IP by UK developers Hello Games, created the recently departed No Mario’s Sky. 

Originally planned as “the last Mario game you will ever need” No Mario’s Sky was in fact a creative re imagination of Mario in an open world procedural game space. 

However, according the the fan team’s own website. Nintendo has in fact issued copyright claims against the game and it has now been taken down. 

The group of fans, known as ASMB games, has just stepped back in the game with a stiff middle finger. Their new game is entitled DMCA’s Sky. 

With this news out of the way what do you think of this case? Why is Nintendo so protective of their creations while company’s like Bethesda welcome modifications and reimaginations of their projects?


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