The Polish Government Just Gave CD Projekt Red $7 Million

As well as numerous other developers, aiming to boost research and development in one of the cornerstones of the Polish economy. 

An arm of the Polish Government called National Center for Research of Development (NCBR), recently finished a round of grants totalling nearly 116 million PLN  or roughly 27 million USD. This funding is to further push the boundaries of technical entertainment, with the hopes that some of the rewards reaped will benefit society in general moving forward. 

Floored with assumed gratefulness, CD Projekt Red President Adam Kicinski put out an official statement. 

Developing videogames is a hyperinnovative activity, but also one which carries substantial financial risks, involves continuous R&D work and requires much experimentation and prototyping along the way. 

The four categories in which CD Projekt Red got funding for was, City Creation, Seamless Multi-player, Cinematic Feel and Animation Excellence. 

Any players of the prolific Witcher 3 will have trouble seeing how the developers could push this forward to any noticeable degree, yet if the company gets this kind of funding, incredible things might be in the works. 



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