Days of War Soaring Through Kickstarter Goals

Have you found yourself frustrated with the flash of the contemporary shooter? Do you miss the gun fights of old? If you prefer classic European slaughterhouses to the pornographic shine of a Call of Duty space ship, Days of War may be for you. 

Driven Arts are the minds behind the new WWII themed IP. They currently have a little over 1200 backers and have already gained nearly $69,000 in investment with the final goal of $140K.

The design vision for this game is one of ruthless realism, from the words of the very developers

Days of War is about cold steel and hot lead. You and your rifle, no more, no less.

The final product will consist of four factions British, Russian, Italian and French with each allowing for six combat classes. 

The real draw, at least for me, is a full set of customization for you and your clan. The developers plan to add custom tools, editable rules and dedicated server capabilities.

That being said this game is looking to be a hyper-real alternative to Battle Field and it could open a great competitive scene for twitch to enjoy.



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