Top 5 Games of 2016 

Yes it’s one of those. Sue me. Hey the news cycle is full of these right now. So why should I be different? With all the celebrity demise occurring as of late I figured I would rather close the year with the greatest accomplishments of pixelated puppetry.

5 Overwatch (Blizzard)

I’m a sucker for good competitive experiences, both as a participant and a viewer. My love for Destiny has always been in the crucible, with the PVE experience feeling much more like a grind. I remember always yearning for a pure PVP shooter and I was quite empirically not alone in that. With its diverse combatants everyone has a choice at their avatar of manslaughter. 

4 Battlefield 1 (EA Dice)

One of the greatest feats of the current generation has been taking a large step on the sojourn through uncanny Valley. For war history buffs and military realists alike the Battlefield series has delivered impeccable experiences. This time around it packed the Gatling Gun punch flavored with mustard gas. Shoot some horses y’all. 

3 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Naughty Dog)

What can I say, Naughty Dog delivers on the visual storytelling. Masters of action set pieces, Michael Bay at 1080p/60FPS. And with its 2.7 Million in sales in one week, they clearly have a massive fan base. With a graphical overhaul and a new next gen engine Nathan Drake and his allies were treated to a farewell worthy of only the greatest action heroes.
2 Final FANTASY XV (Square Enix)

How can this game honestly be real? It’s been teased for centuries now and with the recent epic fails of this once beloved series it was hard to believe fans could stomach another hair spray laden melodrama. That was at least until I played it. Despite an insulting car pushing introduction, the open world and pulse surging combat brought out a brand new game type for Final Fantasy to play around with. 

1 Pokémon Sun and Moon (Game Freak)

I barely got this out in time from a whole new generation of animal abuse grinding my thumbs down. The charm and imagination of Pokémon has always been top notch but with character depth and world animation like we’ve never seen before, Pokémon Sun and Moon proved to me that these creatures will go d0wn as all time royalty of children’s entertainment. The Mouse and urban puppets need to watch out. 

So there was my top 5 Games of this bull shit year. What were some of yours?



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