Why Does a Game Die (Opinion)

I feel the ice cold ceramic curl around my cheeks. Excrement already long expelled but my eyes are glued to my phone. I’m watching a classic Crucible match from Destiny put on by WTFISPOSHY. It takes me back to when that games PVP was getting insane love. Yet now, even with a new DLC and tons of Christmas n00bs, the game still feels just dead. Why does a game die?

Long ago, the reigning King of MMO popularity was World of Warcraft. With its initials it seemed destined to WOW millions of players for years. 

The stats didn’t lie either for quite some time. Since debuting in 2005 the player base steadily exploded for a number of years, capping at just around 12 million in 2008.

But now, talk to any random gamer out there, are they more likely to bring up their call of duty KD or their latest raid loot from a World of Warcraft binge?

Now don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty is dying as well, with it being one of the lowest purchased and streamed entries in the franchise. But we are in an overall new Era of the shooter vs the action RPG. 

Bringing it back to Destiny, I see quite a few of my favorite competitors now streaming Overwatch. This got me thinking about how fan bases migrate over time. I believe that game designers realise certain mechanics that are done well and try to cut out the failure. Did Overwatch scratch that itch for most players? It seems it may have. 



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