Bungie. I’m Playing ANYTHING Else

Let’s talk about Destiny 2. The sequel to Bungie’s innovative shooter mmo has been met with cynicism on a good day and down right upheaval on a bad.

I feel, however, that the reviewers are focusing on the wrong failures, most specifically Eververse. I don’t disagree that microtransactions are a tiny bit of cancer on the industry but the main game design and leveling is what i feel is the games biggest failure. 

NOTHING IS WORTH MY TIME! Is what keeps reverberating in my head with every moment I log in to this game. Besides weekly challenges literally all infusable gear drops at a lower power level than you are.

I see rival players at maximum power level and have to wonder how much useless shit they went through to get there. So many wasted strikes. So many wasted crucible matches. 

The original Destiny, which I’ve since restarted, rewarded players from each and every activity. Sure maybe you didnt get a god roll Ill Will but at least you got infusion fuel at a higher level for usage.

Literally anything else is satisfying me. Even Call of Duty WWII is more gratifying. Destiny 2 is lost beyond recognition I only hope that the third entry learns from this mistake and restores the potential the original masterpiece had.



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