Bungie. I’m Playing ANYTHING Else

Let’s talk about Destiny 2. The sequel to Bungie’s innovative shooter mmo has been met with cynicism on a good day and down right upheaval on a bad.

I feel, however, that the reviewers are focusing on the wrong failures, most specifically Eververse. I don’t disagree that microtransactions are a tiny bit of cancer on the industry but the main game design and leveling is what i feel is the games biggest failure. 

NOTHING IS WORTH MY TIME! Is what keeps reverberating in my head with every moment I log in to this game. Besides weekly challenges literally all infusable gear drops at a lower power level than you are.

I see rival players at maximum power level and have to wonder how much useless shit they went through to get there. So many wasted strikes. So many wasted crucible matches. 

The original Destiny, which I’ve since restarted, rewarded players from each and every activity. Sure maybe you didnt get a god roll Ill Will but at least you got infusion fuel at a higher level for usage.

Literally anything else is satisfying me. Even Call of Duty WWII is more gratifying. Destiny 2 is lost beyond recognition I only hope that the third entry learns from this mistake and restores the potential the original masterpiece had.



2018: The Gaming Landscape

I realised it has been almost a year since ive posted here. I intend to rectify that error immediately. With a whole calender year behind us and a new Nintendo console crushing sales, let’s take a look at what 2018 has in store for us.

With Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 leaving microtransactions as a bad taste in gamers mouths, will we see a reluctance of designers to continue this trend? I certainly hope it doesnt continue but if it does can we please have a grind able to customers who dont want to pay?

I would also like to see more historic works of Call of Duty like we saw with the latest WWII. Perhaps a civil war simulator? 

What are some things you want from this year of gaming?


Why Does a Game Die (Opinion)

I feel the ice cold ceramic curl around my cheeks. Excrement already long expelled but my eyes are glued to my phone. I’m watching a classic Crucible match from Destiny put on by WTFISPOSHY. It takes me back to when that games PVP was getting insane love. Yet now, even with a new DLC and tons of Christmas n00bs, the game still feels just dead. Why does a game die?

Long ago, the reigning King of MMO popularity was World of Warcraft. With its initials it seemed destined to WOW millions of players for years. 

The stats didn’t lie either for quite some time. Since debuting in 2005 the player base steadily exploded for a number of years, capping at just around 12 million in 2008.

But now, talk to any random gamer out there, are they more likely to bring up their call of duty KD or their latest raid loot from a World of Warcraft binge?

Now don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty is dying as well, with it being one of the lowest purchased and streamed entries in the franchise. But we are in an overall new Era of the shooter vs the action RPG. 

Bringing it back to Destiny, I see quite a few of my favorite competitors now streaming Overwatch. This got me thinking about how fan bases migrate over time. I believe that game designers realise certain mechanics that are done well and try to cut out the failure. Did Overwatch scratch that itch for most players? It seems it may have. 


Top 5 Games of 2016 

Yes it’s one of those. Sue me. Hey the news cycle is full of these right now. So why should I be different? With all the celebrity demise occurring as of late I figured I would rather close the year with the greatest accomplishments of pixelated puppetry.

5 Overwatch (Blizzard)

I’m a sucker for good competitive experiences, both as a participant and a viewer. My love for Destiny has always been in the crucible, with the PVE experience feeling much more like a grind. I remember always yearning for a pure PVP shooter and I was quite empirically not alone in that. With its diverse combatants everyone has a choice at their avatar of manslaughter. 

4 Battlefield 1 (EA Dice)

One of the greatest feats of the current generation has been taking a large step on the sojourn through uncanny Valley. For war history buffs and military realists alike the Battlefield series has delivered impeccable experiences. This time around it packed the Gatling Gun punch flavored with mustard gas. Shoot some horses y’all. 

3 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Naughty Dog)

What can I say, Naughty Dog delivers on the visual storytelling. Masters of action set pieces, Michael Bay at 1080p/60FPS. And with its 2.7 Million in sales in one week, they clearly have a massive fan base. With a graphical overhaul and a new next gen engine Nathan Drake and his allies were treated to a farewell worthy of only the greatest action heroes.
2 Final FANTASY XV (Square Enix)

How can this game honestly be real? It’s been teased for centuries now and with the recent epic fails of this once beloved series it was hard to believe fans could stomach another hair spray laden melodrama. That was at least until I played it. Despite an insulting car pushing introduction, the open world and pulse surging combat brought out a brand new game type for Final Fantasy to play around with. 

1 Pokémon Sun and Moon (Game Freak)

I barely got this out in time from a whole new generation of animal abuse grinding my thumbs down. The charm and imagination of Pokémon has always been top notch but with character depth and world animation like we’ve never seen before, Pokémon Sun and Moon proved to me that these creatures will go d0wn as all time royalty of children’s entertainment. The Mouse and urban puppets need to watch out. 

So there was my top 5 Games of this bull shit year. What were some of yours?


No Mario’s Sky Yanked by Nintendo, now DMCA Sky. 

No man’s mod is what it really seems to be about. Fans of both Mario and No Man’s Sky, the daring new IP by UK developers Hello Games, created the recently departed No Mario’s Sky. 

Originally planned as “the last Mario game you will ever need” No Mario’s Sky was in fact a creative re imagination of Mario in an open world procedural game space. 

However, according the the fan team’s own website. Nintendo has in fact issued copyright claims against the game and it has now been taken down. 

The group of fans, known as ASMB games, has just stepped back in the game with a stiff middle finger. Their new game is entitled DMCA’s Sky. 

With this news out of the way what do you think of this case? Why is Nintendo so protective of their creations while company’s like Bethesda welcome modifications and reimaginations of their projects?

God of War 4 Will Be Ditching Ascension Multiplayer 

Cory Barlog, creator of the new era of God of War, recently confirmed that there will not be any multiplayer in God of War 4. 

Thank. The. Gods. Especially Aires. This shows a good sign in my opinion of a return to focused game design. Something this industry desperately needs. 

Sure there are some rare successes, like the explosive success of both GTA V’s infamous single player storyline and its online community. 

However Ascension’s attempts at multiplayer were a severe failure and everyone knew it. It was gone in the blink of an eye while the single player was impeccable , both  visually and mechanically. 

So why the ever present obsession with tacked on multiplayer, or in Call of Duty’s case an ad hoc single player? It seems to have been a simple marketing idea, most gamers might want the illusion of added value tickled, but if it’s thrown together with no vision is it really that valuable? Shouldn’t the real value be in a focused and complete user experience that doesn’t throw them between the worlds of PVE and PVP with all the synergy of a hydrogen bomb?

In addition to the dropping of multiplayer I really like the new design of controllable camera and what appears to be a semi open world. 

What do you all think of the new Kratos?



Despite October Release, PlayStation VR PreOrders Surge in Japan. 

Over the weekend retail in Japan began offering in store pre orders for the new PlayStation VR headset. 

The lines. Were. Crazy. 

Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district had a line of hundreds outside of Yodobashi Camera. 

The early adopter zombies are out in droves, but that doesn’t mean wide spread success for Sony on an Apple level. Although the company does need a huge win like that as they are in the deep red. You know no one was there to get a Sony CAMERA. 

What are your thoughts on the VR? What about Sony as a company?