Wizards Of The Coast Ready For Video Games?

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With the fall of the recently cancelled Scalebound and the rocky history of the Final Fantasy and Warcraft series, one would be justified in being speculative of the future of the RPG. While there have been standout masterworks, the typical RPG flashes before the eye like a cosmic movement. 

However, this entire genre would have no backbone if it weren’t for some of the original game designers of the legendary Dungeons and Dragons series, and now that same company might be ready to get back into the arena of 4k visuals and god ray graphics card porn. 

In a recent public statement on the company’s website, the now president Chris Cocks rattled on about Wizards plans for the future and what that means for fans favorite staples like Magic and D&D.

What would it be like to throw fireballs as a Planeswalker in an MMO, or quest for treasure with your friends in a D&D augmented-reality game?

Chris, with last name tightly gripped in free hand, single handedly expanded the belt line of every Wizards fan who can piece together the English pseudo-language. Translations incoming. 

Chris also shouted out some talented names in the industry, pulling sources from Valve, Bioware, and half a dozen others to form the brand new Digital Games Studio. 

You can read the full press piece in the man’s own words here

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After FF XV We May Not See New Kingdom Hearts 3 For A While. 

It takes a lot to make a game now a days. Especially one as immense and scaling as the latest Final Fantasy. This being said Noctis and his road born brothers may have to tide us over for a while to come. 

Recently the lead director of Final Fantasy, Tetsuya Nomura sat down with Famitsu magazine to discuss where the production of the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 was at. 

“The production process is different than what we’ve had up until now, so I can’t just give you a general idea, but I can say that there are worlds that still remain untouched. We’ve advanced on the production of worlds that have yet to be announced, so we can’t show them for now. As far as development status goes, there’s still a ways to go.”

The above was a translation from the article which discussed numerous other plans Square Enix has for their cash machine. 

Gamers have been waiting for this sequel for what feels like centuries now, with it being one of the few sequels in gaming history to skip an entire console generation (Kingdom Hearts 2 originally releasing on PS2 and the next installment being planned for PS4 and XBoxOne).

With some worlds still being developed it could be an additional year or more before we can get a release date confirmed. What are you all waiting for in the next one?


Drake Goes Hollywood, Uncharted Gets Script

“If there’s a more monstrously cool  action  script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it cause this thing is a BEAST.” Exclaimed Hollywood writer Joe Carnahan after completing the final draft of the yet to be released Uncharted movie. 

Carnahan is a seriously accomplished wordsmith, penning projects such as The A-Team and Neeson’s recent fail, The Grey. So I can say with confidence that this action movie is in experienced hands. 

Shawn Levy, the director of Night at the Museum is the current nod for the role but others were considered since the project was first mentioned back in 2009. 

Currently no firm release date or cast has been confirmed, we can expect to see those details unravel throughout this Callender year. Who would be some of your pics for the cast? I personally would love to see a Harvey Keitel Sully.


Twitter is Never Safe, Square Enix Just Learned.

Hackers are every where nowadays and it seems Twitter is one of their favorite playgrounds. Just yesterday Square Enix Europe’s twitter was yet another victim. 

The hack occurred in the late morning UK time and was as quick and vicious as a stampede of Chocobos. The hackers quickly began to block the accounts fans causing them to shred nearly 100k followers in a few hours. 

A small hacker group took the credit and also took to the account for Just Cause 3 to lash out at rival production houses such as EA. The group went simply by the hash tag #CYBERWOLFGANG. 

Other companies need to take head and place a priority on their PR staff to manage their twitter feed with utmost scrutiny and security.


Why Does a Game Die (Opinion)

I feel the ice cold ceramic curl around my cheeks. Excrement already long expelled but my eyes are glued to my phone. I’m watching a classic Crucible match from Destiny put on by WTFISPOSHY. It takes me back to when that games PVP was getting insane love. Yet now, even with a new DLC and tons of Christmas n00bs, the game still feels just dead. Why does a game die?

Long ago, the reigning King of MMO popularity was World of Warcraft. With its initials it seemed destined to WOW millions of players for years. 

The stats didn’t lie either for quite some time. Since debuting in 2005 the player base steadily exploded for a number of years, capping at just around 12 million in 2008.

But now, talk to any random gamer out there, are they more likely to bring up their call of duty KD or their latest raid loot from a World of Warcraft binge?

Now don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty is dying as well, with it being one of the lowest purchased and streamed entries in the franchise. But we are in an overall new Era of the shooter vs the action RPG. 

Bringing it back to Destiny, I see quite a few of my favorite competitors now streaming Overwatch. This got me thinking about how fan bases migrate over time. I believe that game designers realise certain mechanics that are done well and try to cut out the failure. Did Overwatch scratch that itch for most players? It seems it may have. 


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Now that the newest generation of hardware has settled in and has been nurtured, we’re seeing consistently incredible products on the market year after year. What will 2017 bring to the table? Here are my top 5 most anicipated games to debut this calender year.

5 Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games)

 Horizon Zero Dawn cracks open the list in a big way. This game has been teased for some time now, with its initial reveal trailer being at E3 2015. 

Horizon Zero Dawn will mark the 7th game produced and directed by the Amsterdam outfit. 

Players will take on the role of Aloy the bold new female protagonist. She will embark on a quest to reclaim humanity’s power over what appears to be Earth from the grips of cyborg dinosaurs. Guerilla admitted part of the delay in release is the massive scope of this sci fi epic. 

Players can embark on February 28th of this year. 

4 For Honor (Ubisoft Montreal)

I usually like to showcase the smaller production houses on this site but For Honor has some exciting possibilities. 

Set to release February 14th, For Honor will be an online PVP medieval combat game set during myriad periods of human warfare. 

The game will feature game modes such as 4v4 Dominion, 2v2 battles, 4v4 Elimination and even one on one duels. 

What I’m really excited for is the possibility to play a historical simulation that’s not shooting stuff. We’ve had quite a bit of that lately. 

3 Detroit Become Human (Quantic Dream)

David Cage is returning with another thrilling character piece this time in a Neo-Noir setting. 

As in previous games by the developer, Detroit Become Human will feature an interwoven narrative featuring shifting control over the characters, two of which have been confirmed as Kara, the game’s main character and advanced artificial intelligence, and Connor a cybernetic police officer who tracks down free living androids. 

The game released a new trailer viewable here, and it looks incredible. With it being a PS4 exclusive we can be certain a premium visual experience will be found on the new PS4 Pro, giving this game the potential to deliver a down right chilling experience. 

We have no exact release date but it is slated for a 2017 release. 

2 Last of Us Part 2 (Naughty Dog)

I’m sure some lovers of the McCarthyan road drama will be upset this next chapter is not in the top spot. Forgive me, and please put down the shot gun. 

Neil Druckmann took to the official Playstation blog to give a heart felt confirmation the sequel is well underway while not giving out an exact release date.

The game is allegedly going to be co written by some of the minds behind enormously popular Westworld series so could we see some more potential for light sci fi?

We shall have to see but I for one am chomping at the bit for this next installment. 

1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  (Nintendo)

Come on? Who doesn’t love a new Zelda world to get lost in? Breath of the Wild takes the top spot on my list of most exciting titles.

With a steady flow of information being released we now know that Link will be subject to more natural trials requiring him to hunt and survive out in the wild. A design choice that reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 3.

The new art style also excites me, tickling my mind with the memories of how controversial the Wind Waker Link was. 

While no confirmation on an exact date, we can speculate it has the potential to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s hoping as traditional console lunches are bone dry. 

So what are some of your anticipated games for this year? Any predictions?


Ariana Grande Going Mobile 

Just when I thought Final Fantasy was improving with its 15th entry, Brave Exvius astounds with a shameless cash grab. 

On Twitter and Instagram the Starbucks starlet announced her arrival to the recently released mobile cow clicker.

Now don’t get me wrong I think games have been a true art form for decades now, and they have been shown to be a great side gig for up and coming actors (See Kit Harrington in the new, but failed, Call of Duty). 

But is being a pixelated simulation that barely resembles you in a decrepit shell of a series really a good resume point?