The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Lots Of Launch Titles. Resident Evil Won’t Be One Of Them

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Nintendo is planning to get out of the gate hard this spring. We have gotten confirmation on numerous titles for the launch date and window (first three months of launch). We’re getting many of our favorite characters and some third party remastered content. However Capcom just confirmed Resident Evil will be missing the party. 

The current producer of Resident Evil Mashachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi sat down with Express Online magazine to discuss the possibilities of the Switch. 

In the interview Kawata admitted “I’m looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch”.

Is this a diss towards the budding new system? Hardly as Capcom has a deep history with Nintendo and many other of their titles are slated for release on the Switch. 

All in all this is a hit to the Switch as Resident Evil is a popular series and anticipated new installment, but it’s hardly a death nail. 

Also. The game comes out tomorrow. Who’s excited?


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North America Still Waits For Pokemon Go

Sorry trainers, unless your Australian you may still continue to wait until Pokemon Go is fully available to you. Especially if you live in North America. 

After the initial press release by the Pokemon company months ago, the publisher and developer have been as silent as a crypt. 

However gamers were able to get a little taste of what the experience might be like, as the Pokemon company allowed open field testing to the public nearly two months ago

Now the game is appearing on the official iTunes and Google Play stores but North American users are restricted from downloading due to a region lock. 

What are you feeling about this? Are you eager to ignore the real world for the sake of your pokedex? 



EA To Get Moichandise Money From Illumination Entertainment Partnership

In a recent press release to the public and investors alike, EA confirmed a multi-channel partnership with Illumination entertainment, gaining exclusive rights to produce mobile games based on their content. 

Who is Illumination Entertainment? They are the production house of wildly successful childrens movies such as Minions and the new Secret Life of Pets. Young millennial women looking for pixelated, 3D menstrual relief coupled with the latest Ben and Jerry’s are also a huge market share. 

Will this be another money printer for EA? Well seeing as Children adore these movies. And all children have phones. And these phones often have mommy and daddy’s card on iTunes for in app purchases. I’d say yeah it will. Need I say more?



Andrew House Announces PS4 Neo, Surprising No One

The news has broke. There will be a new PS4. Wait I thought the PS4 just came out and it was hyped as the consoles answer to the glorious master race power of PC? You ask yourself. Oh you are wrong. You are so wrong. 

Andrew House, the current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed the rumors that have already been buzzing about a new augmented PS4 a “premium” PS4 if you will. “It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4” House stated in the initial reveal. 

That’s a load of BS and we all know this. All I hear is, “the peasants can have their toy for a few more years but it will be purposely, and by forces of the market, made to be obsolete cause 4K”. 

Mark Cerny may have put eight core processors in his new love child but it was still sweating at 1080p. Then a year later 4K joins the market and egg is on many faces, scrambled not fried. They clearly are now having to play catch up and the PR word salad is spewing out with MBA guided cadence. 

What are your thoughts on the new PS4 Neo? Why are they not showing it at E3? Is XBOX next?