Bungie. I’m Playing ANYTHING Else

Let’s talk about Destiny 2. The sequel to Bungie’s innovative shooter mmo has been met with cynicism on a good day and down right upheaval on a bad.

I feel, however, that the reviewers are focusing on the wrong failures, most specifically Eververse. I don’t disagree that microtransactions are a tiny bit of cancer on the industry but the main game design and leveling is what i feel is the games biggest failure. 

NOTHING IS WORTH MY TIME! Is what keeps reverberating in my head with every moment I log in to this game. Besides weekly challenges literally all infusable gear drops at a lower power level than you are.

I see rival players at maximum power level and have to wonder how much useless shit they went through to get there. So many wasted strikes. So many wasted crucible matches. 

The original Destiny, which I’ve since restarted, rewarded players from each and every activity. Sure maybe you didnt get a god roll Ill Will but at least you got infusion fuel at a higher level for usage.

Literally anything else is satisfying me. Even Call of Duty WWII is more gratifying. Destiny 2 is lost beyond recognition I only hope that the third entry learns from this mistake and restores the potential the original masterpiece had.



2018: The Gaming Landscape

I realised it has been almost a year since ive posted here. I intend to rectify that error immediately. With a whole calender year behind us and a new Nintendo console crushing sales, let’s take a look at what 2018 has in store for us.

With Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 leaving microtransactions as a bad taste in gamers mouths, will we see a reluctance of designers to continue this trend? I certainly hope it doesnt continue but if it does can we please have a grind able to customers who dont want to pay?

I would also like to see more historic works of Call of Duty like we saw with the latest WWII. Perhaps a civil war simulator? 

What are some things you want from this year of gaming?


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Now that the newest generation of hardware has settled in and has been nurtured, we’re seeing consistently incredible products on the market year after year. What will 2017 bring to the table? Here are my top 5 most anicipated games to debut this calender year.

5 Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games)

 Horizon Zero Dawn cracks open the list in a big way. This game has been teased for some time now, with its initial reveal trailer being at E3 2015. 

Horizon Zero Dawn will mark the 7th game produced and directed by the Amsterdam outfit. 

Players will take on the role of Aloy the bold new female protagonist. She will embark on a quest to reclaim humanity’s power over what appears to be Earth from the grips of cyborg dinosaurs. Guerilla admitted part of the delay in release is the massive scope of this sci fi epic. 

Players can embark on February 28th of this year. 

4 For Honor (Ubisoft Montreal)

I usually like to showcase the smaller production houses on this site but For Honor has some exciting possibilities. 

Set to release February 14th, For Honor will be an online PVP medieval combat game set during myriad periods of human warfare. 

The game will feature game modes such as 4v4 Dominion, 2v2 battles, 4v4 Elimination and even one on one duels. 

What I’m really excited for is the possibility to play a historical simulation that’s not shooting stuff. We’ve had quite a bit of that lately. 

3 Detroit Become Human (Quantic Dream)

David Cage is returning with another thrilling character piece this time in a Neo-Noir setting. 

As in previous games by the developer, Detroit Become Human will feature an interwoven narrative featuring shifting control over the characters, two of which have been confirmed as Kara, the game’s main character and advanced artificial intelligence, and Connor a cybernetic police officer who tracks down free living androids. 

The game released a new trailer viewable here, and it looks incredible. With it being a PS4 exclusive we can be certain a premium visual experience will be found on the new PS4 Pro, giving this game the potential to deliver a down right chilling experience. 

We have no exact release date but it is slated for a 2017 release. 

2 Last of Us Part 2 (Naughty Dog)

I’m sure some lovers of the McCarthyan road drama will be upset this next chapter is not in the top spot. Forgive me, and please put down the shot gun. 

Neil Druckmann took to the official Playstation blog to give a heart felt confirmation the sequel is well underway while not giving out an exact release date.

The game is allegedly going to be co written by some of the minds behind enormously popular Westworld series so could we see some more potential for light sci fi?

We shall have to see but I for one am chomping at the bit for this next installment. 

1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  (Nintendo)

Come on? Who doesn’t love a new Zelda world to get lost in? Breath of the Wild takes the top spot on my list of most exciting titles.

With a steady flow of information being released we now know that Link will be subject to more natural trials requiring him to hunt and survive out in the wild. A design choice that reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 3.

The new art style also excites me, tickling my mind with the memories of how controversial the Wind Waker Link was. 

While no confirmation on an exact date, we can speculate it has the potential to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s hoping as traditional console lunches are bone dry. 

So what are some of your anticipated games for this year? Any predictions?


Andrew House Announces PS4 Neo, Surprising No One

The news has broke. There will be a new PS4. Wait I thought the PS4 just came out and it was hyped as the consoles answer to the glorious master race power of PC? You ask yourself. Oh you are wrong. You are so wrong. 

Andrew House, the current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed the rumors that have already been buzzing about a new augmented PS4 a “premium” PS4 if you will. “It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4” House stated in the initial reveal. 

That’s a load of BS and we all know this. All I hear is, “the peasants can have their toy for a few more years but it will be purposely, and by forces of the market, made to be obsolete cause 4K”. 

Mark Cerny may have put eight core processors in his new love child but it was still sweating at 1080p. Then a year later 4K joins the market and egg is on many faces, scrambled not fried. They clearly are now having to play catch up and the PR word salad is spewing out with MBA guided cadence. 

What are your thoughts on the new PS4 Neo? Why are they not showing it at E3? Is XBOX next?

Give Me The Loop. Why I Still Play Destiny. Or At All. 

With The Taken King set to come out in two weeks the world of Destiny is ramping up to the conclusion of Act One of the four part saga to be phased in over the next ten years. 

Now I play this game quite regularly. Nearly every day for a bit. The game is dangerously addictive to the point I haven’t touched any other games I own. The thing that perplexes me is that these other games I want to play have much more focus and depth to their content while Destiny is in fact so shallow and uses psychological hacks to keep you playing. Hacks I’m aware of and yet still give in to. 

Right off the bat the game delivers with snappy and tight controls. The guns are the real stars of the creation, even more than the imaginative alien hoards that eat their bullets. The shotguns are chunky giving a thick controller shake with each shot, the snipers are mercilessly focused and the hand guns make you feel like a Wild West slayer. A game can’t get far if it doesn’t hook you in seconds with captivating, cathartic control. 

After the player burns through the horrendously short and forgettable story they are thrust into the end game. An end game that bungie doesn’t do much to explain well, leaving me thinking it was done intentionally to promote community interaction. Regardless this where the loop begins. And oh god is it a skin scratching, teeth yellowing addiction. The end game revolves around a casino style game of engram collection and reputation building. Two systems that are symbiotic. The engrams work as a gamble. They need to be decoded by NPCs called cryptarchs and have a chance of yielding an item that could be better but is most likely trashed for upgrade components. 

These engrams are rewarded from grinding out reputation that one gets from achieving daily bounties. But it really begs the question what is the point of doing the bounties? Well it’s to get to a level above three to maybe have the chance at a better item which you will use to kill more shit to get more rep to get a new item. You see where I’m going with this? 

I’d say the ultimate end game is a collection fest where players show off to each other the rarest items known as exotics which are gold ranked items that only drop once in a blue moon. If one were to collect every exotic item then there would seemingly be no reason to keep playing. This is why Destiny makes the exotic drops so few and far between. This is why I get a crazy rush when one is finally given out sometimes turning around a shit day I’ve had. This shows the mastering Bungie has over the human psyche and reward pathways in the brain. Well done Bungie, well done. Now excuse me I have to go back to the tower casino. 


The Bipolar Modern Gamer (Opinion)

“Come on, what’s with all the DLC?!” Ah the chants have been going ever since the first second of the new generation and the last breathes of the last. It has reached a deafening fervor at this past week’s E3 as the new generation really begins.

What’s with all the DLC you ask? Well, I have to admit something to you gamers, you have been asking for it for years upon years now, so sit down and shut up! See, what the average consumer rarely ponders (often to their financial detriment), is the true economics that go in to their favorite products or services. They only see the end product and the price tag, which inherently is not wrong at all, that’s what the developers and producers want you to see. As Otto von Bismark once said “there are two things people should never see being made, laws and sausages”. He hit it on the head with that one, and rational ignorance is totally fine, life is too short and the adult world to busy to be concerned with knowing every finite detail of every interaction you make every day.

However, this having been said, I simply have to shake my head harder than Michael J. Fox when I hear the constant bitching and whining of the modern gamer, cause they really don’t know what they want now do they? With every generation gamers want to see technological and aesthetic upgrades, as do I. I love what the new generation is bringing in terms of interactive technology and absolutely gorgeous games that are taking us closer to uncanny valley than ever before. But what people don’t understand is that the cost of development, even when dealing with inflation is not what it used to be decades before. People are well aware of how much modern games are beginning to cost, GTA V cost over $350 million in development and over $700 million in global marketing, capping at over a billion! Now luckily GTA is such a huge franchise that gamers were treated to the full experience at the classic game price tag of $60 without being nickeled and dimed for the whole experience. However, the typical game company, like the typical company of any industry, usually has to put their necks on the line and manage huge amounts of debt annually, with only the CHANCE that the game will be a hit. When one factors in the interest on these capital loans as well as the development costs, the salaries of the programmers, the maintenance costs like electricity and office rent and even the food that is consumed by the workers every single day, its no surprise that the original $60 price tag for a complete game just does not cut it anymore for these companies.

Yet, the typical modern gamer whines and complains like a man child when they see that the $60 game has content missing and it ends up costing more like $80-$90 for the complete game or a staggering $140 for the whole experience in the case of Destiny year one (a game which btw cost $500 million just in development costs). You simply cannot have it both ways, the new generation of gaming will be more expensive, either put up with PS2 visuals forever, or embrace a new price tag, if you’re willing to shell out money for the DLC as well as the $60 game, then why not just pay $80 or $90 for the whole game at once on one disk? If you’re not willing to do that then don’t complain and cry when you’re favorite company can’t realize their next creative vision cause they’re bankrupt.