PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim Announced. 

Earlier today was Sony’s impromptu masturbation broadcast all over the internet. Two new iterations were announced at its press briefing this afternoon. 

One was the unsurprising PS4 slim for $300. No technical upgrades just a slimmer body, something that happens seamingly with every generation. 

The real excitement stirred around the new PS4 Pro, possibly inspired by Apple’s half generational hustles, which was rumored earlier at E3 to be called Neo. 

Mark Cerny, the original hardware architect of the PlayStation 4 came to the stage to detail the new specifications. 

The PS4 pro will feature up to 5GHZ Wifi, 4K output and streaming for Netflix and YouTube. It will have a higher clock rate on the CPU for better frame rates and a stock 1 terabyte storage built in, something that should have come with the original PS4 with the enormous space demands on contemporary games. 

The PS4 pro will release November 10th for $399. 


Andrew House Announces PS4 Neo, Surprising No One

The news has broke. There will be a new PS4. Wait I thought the PS4 just came out and it was hyped as the consoles answer to the glorious master race power of PC? You ask yourself. Oh you are wrong. You are so wrong. 

Andrew House, the current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed the rumors that have already been buzzing about a new augmented PS4 a “premium” PS4 if you will. “It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4” House stated in the initial reveal. 

That’s a load of BS and we all know this. All I hear is, “the peasants can have their toy for a few more years but it will be purposely, and by forces of the market, made to be obsolete cause 4K”. 

Mark Cerny may have put eight core processors in his new love child but it was still sweating at 1080p. Then a year later 4K joins the market and egg is on many faces, scrambled not fried. They clearly are now having to play catch up and the PR word salad is spewing out with MBA guided cadence. 

What are your thoughts on the new PS4 Neo? Why are they not showing it at E3? Is XBOX next?