Nintendo Comes to Dominate With Switch Sales

In a celebratory tweet yesterday, Nintendo of America exclaimed that the switch was the fastest selling console in U.S. history. 

Since releasing in early March the switch has sold just under 5 million units in the US and a total of 10 million globally.

This is surely a laugh in the face of the doubters, rightfully so however, who predicted Nintendo death after the abysmall Wii-U failure.



2018: The Gaming Landscape

I realised it has been almost a year since ive posted here. I intend to rectify that error immediately. With a whole calender year behind us and a new Nintendo console crushing sales, let’s take a look at what 2018 has in store for us.

With Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 leaving microtransactions as a bad taste in gamers mouths, will we see a reluctance of designers to continue this trend? I certainly hope it doesnt continue but if it does can we please have a grind able to customers who dont want to pay?

I would also like to see more historic works of Call of Duty like we saw with the latest WWII. Perhaps a civil war simulator? 

What are some things you want from this year of gaming?


The Nintendo Switch is On Fire, Pre Orders Alone Clearing StockĀ 

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Gamestop. The most beloved retailer among gamers. We can’t get enough of the place. Another thing that gamers can’t get enough of, when they have the dough, is new hardware. 

With the brand new Nintendo Switch being announced and a release date, as well as up coming library, revealed, Pre orders are exploding all over. 

After this past Friday the 13th, both Nintendo and Gamestop had GREAT luck with their pre order sales numbers for the flagship Nintendo product. 

Merchandising VP of Gamestop Bob Puzon, spoke publicly about his excitement (paid for or not) for the Switch. 

“The fact that this initial allotment has been completely reserved in a matter of a few days demonstrates gamers’ desire for this fun and revolutionary gaming system,” 

Granted this statement sounded quite scripted, I think that the numbers and social media speak for themselves.


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