Nintendo Comes to Dominate With Switch Sales

In a celebratory tweet yesterday, Nintendo of America exclaimed that the switch was the fastest selling console in U.S. history. 

Since releasing in early March the switch has sold just under 5 million units in the US and a total of 10 million globally.

This is surely a laugh in the face of the doubters, rightfully so however, who predicted Nintendo death after the abysmall Wii-U failure.



The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Lots Of Launch Titles. Resident Evil Won’t Be One Of Them

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Nintendo is planning to get out of the gate hard this spring. We have gotten confirmation on numerous titles for the launch date and window (first three months of launch). We’re getting many of our favorite characters and some third party remastered content. However Capcom just confirmed Resident Evil will be missing the party. 

The current producer of Resident Evil Mashachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi sat down with Express Online magazine to discuss the possibilities of the Switch. 

In the interview Kawata admitted “I’m looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch”.

Is this a diss towards the budding new system? Hardly as Capcom has a deep history with Nintendo and many other of their titles are slated for release on the Switch. 

All in all this is a hit to the Switch as Resident Evil is a popular series and anticipated new installment, but it’s hardly a death nail. 

Also. The game comes out tomorrow. Who’s excited?


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Is Your Body Ready For The Death Of Wii U?

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The man himself Reggie Fils-Aime admitted, in an interview with Polygon, that Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s duel release for Wii U and Switch will be the final first party title for Nintendo’s forgotten system. 

Now this is not in any way to say that absolutely no new games will be released for the sophomoric silicon station, just that Nintendo will be focusing it’s in house game development on the Switch. It’s called ROI people. 

Gamers can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their favorite games to play with friends will not be losing online support anytime in the near future. After all brand new consoles, despite pre order hype, still take time for major adoption. 

All I can say is that I think Nintendo is playing this transition smart. They need to. After the marketing failure of the Wii U and the eventually gimmick that was the original, Nintendo cannot fail this generation. Supplying online support for some of Wii U’s biggest titles like Smash Brothers shows their fans that they are not being abandoned. But focusing hard on next generation development shows they know where their focus needs to be. 

What launch titles for the Switch are you excited about? Are you sad about the death of the Wii U?


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Breath of the Wild Reveals New Artwork 

Nintendo is starting the year off by revealing many new images of their current flagship title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

Pictured above is the recently revealed Guardian Enemy which will costar among Link’s usual humanoid lizard and pig meat puppets. 

More info was teased at the just passed Game Awards in a video showcase you can see here

There are no confirmations on the new Zelda’s exact release date but we do know it will be releasing in 2017.


No Mario’s Sky Yanked by Nintendo, now DMCA Sky.¬†

No man’s mod is what it really seems to be about. Fans of both Mario and No Man’s Sky, the daring new IP by UK developers Hello Games, created the recently departed No Mario’s Sky. 

Originally planned as “the last Mario game you will ever need” No Mario’s Sky was in fact a creative re imagination of Mario in an open world procedural game space. 

However, according the the fan team’s own website. Nintendo has in fact issued copyright claims against the game and it has now been taken down. 

The group of fans, known as ASMB games, has just stepped back in the game with a stiff middle finger. Their new game is entitled DMCA’s Sky. 

With this news out of the way what do you think of this case? Why is Nintendo so protective of their creations while company’s like Bethesda welcome modifications and reimaginations of their projects?

Miyamoto Talks New Mario Next E3

I have a feeling your taking a shit while reading this. So I’ll be quick. Breath of the Wild, the new Zelda IP is undoubtedly blowing the internet’s mind right now. It quite possibly could have been the real winner of E3. 

Now Nintendo is already prepping to kill it again at E3 2017 or 2018. Miyamoto interviewed with IGN and stated he’d like to see a fresh new Mario in a year or two and commented how new fans approaching Nintendo for the first time have given them a chance to see Mario with fresh eyes. 

This also reminds me of something Kojima said in a recent interview on his new project. Speaking to Digital Spy, he said “In this game the player will be controlling Norman but by playing it they will find something different, something that won’t fit in established terms.”

What are your thoughts? Are the Japanese gonna be at the forefront of new mechanics in the next years, as they usually are?



Pokemon Sun and Moon Drops New Info

While everyone has been salivating over Death Stranding and God of War 4, Nintendo urged people to not forget about our little pocket full of animal abuse. 

Nintendo just recently did a stream revealing three new catchable Pokemon in the upcoming Fall release of Sun and Moon. 

The three confirmed new Pokemon are Yungoos, Pikapek and Grubin, three very cute creatures with strong evolution potential. The competitive Pokemon scene however is already discounting their end game effectiveness. 

Also new to the game will be contextual clues before NPC trainer battles, more Pokemon animations and a fun new four player free for all battle system that seems to be wifi enabled. No word on if it will be a part of the story line but here’s hoping. 

Get ready for Sun and Moon November 18th this year!