North America Still Waits For Pokemon Go

Sorry trainers, unless your Australian you may still continue to wait until Pokemon Go is fully available to you. Especially if you live in North America. 

After the initial press release by the Pokemon company months ago, the publisher and developer have been as silent as a crypt. 

However gamers were able to get a little taste of what the experience might be like, as the Pokemon company allowed open field testing to the public nearly two months ago

Now the game is appearing on the official iTunes and Google Play stores but North American users are restricted from downloading due to a region lock. 

What are you feeling about this? Are you eager to ignore the real world for the sake of your pokedex? 




Pokemon Sun and Moon Drops New Info

While everyone has been salivating over Death Stranding and God of War 4, Nintendo urged people to not forget about our little pocket full of animal abuse. 

Nintendo just recently did a stream revealing three new catchable Pokemon in the upcoming Fall release of Sun and Moon. 

The three confirmed new Pokemon are Yungoos, Pikapek and Grubin, three very cute creatures with strong evolution potential. The competitive Pokemon scene however is already discounting their end game effectiveness. 

Also new to the game will be contextual clues before NPC trainer battles, more Pokemon animations and a fun new four player free for all battle system that seems to be wifi enabled. No word on if it will be a part of the story line but here’s hoping. 

Get ready for Sun and Moon November 18th this year!